Qualified PIN Assessors

Qualified PIN Assessor (QPA) Companies are security organizations that have been qualified by the Council to validate an entity's adherence to the PCI PIN Standard. QPA Employees are individuals who are employed by a QPA Company and have satisfied all requirements to perform PCI PIN Assessments as described in the QPA Qualification Requirements.

The PCI Security Standards Council maintains an in-depth program for companies and their employees seeking to be certified as QPAs, or re-certified as QPAs each year.

Certification and re-certification indicate only that the applicable QPA has successfully met all PCI Security Standards Council requirements to perform PCI PIN assessments. The Council does not endorse these providers or their business processes or practices.

Although the PCI Security Standards Council strives to ensure that the QPAs listed on this page is accurate, the list is updated frequently, and the Council cannot guarantee that the list is current at all times. Accordingly, clients are advised to check this list regularly to ensure that Assessors have successfully maintained their status as QPAs.

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'In Remediation' status indicates a determination by the Council, after Quality Assurance review, that a QPA organization has violated applicable QPA Validation Requirements. This status may result from failure to comply with any number of applicable QPA Validation Requirements. QPAs are notified when remediation is required, and QPAs listed as "In Remediation" may be actively seeking to remedy this status. For more about remediation please visit QPA Remediation Statement.

For information about the status of a particular QPA, please contact that QPA.

*Servicing Markets Abbreviations
AP - Asia Pacific, CEMEA - Central Europe, Middle East, and Africa, LAC - Latin America and the Caribbean